Open minds and a captive audience.

Early adoption that lasts.

Students arrive at University with an open mind and undeveloped brand loyalties.

Typically outside of home for the first time making brand decisions for themselves.

A recent UCAS study found 81% of Freshers are wide open to trying new brands whereas only 63% of Graduates are open.

We have a short but intensive window to capture the attention of students and establish brand loyalty that lasts far beyond Uni.

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The Faculty isn’t just student sampling.

Amplifying the reach of your brand.

It’s pretty easy to give Student’s free stuff. Easy is rarely compelling.
The Faculty is unique because we activate smart sampling via our Student Activators at a time of need.

Our activators sample in the right way, at the right time with a message that rings true to the situation. Brand led creativity and call to action.  They create demand for your brand, educate future consumers about your product and deliver money off coupons via a QR code with every product sampled.

We accelerate sales.

The Faculty doesn’t stop at creating hype. We turn that hype into sales by ensuring demand is fulfilled through maximising distribution and availability in retail outlets on and off campus.

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We grow brands and rewrite the rules.

Experts in trend led content.

Based on category wide social listening and trend spotting on campus, Student Activators will create social content and post on their own accounts.  Students are looking for authentic interactions over Celebrity Influencers.  All content approved via Foster ‘Student Halls’ Tech platform.

Generating  brand awareness and demand for your brand through physical and digital engagement with their fellow students.

Subliminal disruptors​.

The Faculty does so much more than just sampling. Our Student Activators are subliminal disruptors “Frosting” campus with branded merch such as stickers for laptops, t-shirts, hats, even gym equipment. Utilising QR codes to drive purchase. ​

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Accelerate sales in and around campus

Amplifying the reach of your brand.

Our Activators will know what and where is right for your brand. Not just shops, but all the venues that deliver real kudos for brands and ultimately drive sales.

We work symbiotically with our Student teams; supporting them with Retailer conversations On Campus; agreeing range and promotions; route to market; sampling support.

But why stop On Campus when the opportunity continues in the local Towns and Cities?  We don’t!  The Activation team will ensure your brand is in distribution; on shelf and available at Convenience stores and retail outlets within the optimum radius of the University; Student Halls and local Student accommodation areas.

Creating demand and fulfilling the demand. Accelerating sales.

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